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Top 3 benefits for mobilising your remote workforce

As more wind power companies transform their digital operations wind farm operational control must also adapt and move to paperless, less telephone supported operations to manage personnel on site.

1. Give personnel all the information they need

When contractors or any member of your team is completing maintenance work on a wind turbine it is imperative that they arrive on site with all the information they need to perform their job to the highest standard.

With work orders in hard copy paper format, information can easily be lost or forgotten.

When workers have the Skylark app on their smartphone, operational control centres can send the following relevant information to their digital device.

  • Site inductions

  • Site emergency information

  • Site hazards

  • Turbine drawings/information

  • Real-time weather alerts

  • Access RAMs

2. Increase productivity

The Skylark app helps increase speed and efficiency. When providing maintenance services on wind farms workers must be efficient and meet service commitments to ensure downtime is minimised.

Operational control centres can manage schedules, dispatch work orders or emergency service calls directly to a contractor or team member’s smartphone. When the worker arrives on-site, they can immediately complete a site induction as the relevant information is already on their phone.

3. Track key performance indicators

Skylark’s operational control management software includes features that allows you to define and track metrics such as productivity, health and safety data and other performance indicators.

This allows wind farm managers to monitor metrics by worker, site, service type and have insight into the performance levels of their teams allowing them to easily identify areas for improvement in operational control.

Stay connected to your remote workers with Skylark's on-site mobile app!


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