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About Us


Wind farms businesses universally struggle where tough landscapes, disparate systems, compliance issues and managing large numbers of personnel make operations difficult and costly. 

Skylark is designed to overcome the challenges of wind farm operations with a connected cloud-based desktop application for in-office personnel and a mobile application for on-site workers.



Skylark Control Ltd is headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a leading global technology hub. 

Meet the Leadership Team

With first-hand experience of time consuming, costly operational inefficiencies and compliance issues, co-founders David and Karl were  instrumental in the development of the integrated Skylark platform that enables operational control to be more streamlined, simpler and safer.

Their combined experience of over 35 years ranging from natural gas distribution and transmission, electrical distribution and transmission to owning and operating their wind farms they know how to manage an asset safely and efficiently and are incredibly proud of the people who make our business what it is.

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Karol Harkin

Co-Founder and CEO

Karol has worked in the construction and renewable energy sectors throughout the UK and Ireland for the last 21 years.  

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David McMullan

Co-Founder and CTO

David has worked in gas pipeline and renewable energy sectors throughout the UK and Ireland for the past 19 years. 

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