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All of your data in one place for centralised wind farm operational control

Skylark Offers a Complete Wind Farm Operational Control Solution

Skylark Control is a cloud based platform providing you

with anywhere, anytime access to your wind farm operational control

In Office

Operational Control Platform

On Site

Wind Farm Personnel App

Manage all site control and remote teams working on the ground with maximum efficiency within a single, integrated platform.


On-site personnel can easily access all the information they need to be highly organised, efficient and safe on the job.  

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End-to-end wind farm operational control whilst supporting training, health & safety and compliance needs

Skylark's operational control solution integrates easily into your wind turbine control systems. 


Single Integrated Platform

  • Integrates with asset management platforms

  • Asset maps showing site logins, work orders in progress and weather conditions

  • Two-factor security authentication

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Health & Safety

  • Upto-date Health and Safety site documents all in one place, up to date and easily accessible onsite.

  • Push notifications for frequent staff check-ins

  • View live site pictures

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  • Centralised repositry for managing Contractor training and accreditation

  • Automated training scheduling​

  • Alerts when staff training outdated

  • Site login denied if training compromised

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Work Order Management

  • Automatic work order generation from customer SCADA Alarms

  • Track and Manage Work Order Status

  • Form Builder for reports, audits, plans

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Site Inductions

  • Issue and easily manage Conractor site inductions/training and onboarding

  • Instantly view turbine drawings/information

  • Manage Lone Working and ensure Minimum work party authentication


 Management Reporting

  • Easily report on Contractor hours onsite

  • Automated  monthly reports

  • Performance

  • Health & Safety/Training

Get started with Skylark in a few simple steps

Leave it to us

The set-up process for your Wind Farm Operational Control software requires minimum time and effort from you.

We set up

  • Your site(s) on the system (asset numbers/locations etc)

  • All control centre users

  • All on-site personnel

  • Training sessions for all on-site/off-site users

Customised Training

Our team will provide full custom set-up and training for you and your team to ensure your operations can be streamlined in double quick time.


All you have to do is sign-up and we’ll handle the rest

Customer Support

Your Customer Service Manager will oversee the set-up process, ensure your team is fully trained in the use of the system, and remain your point of contact for helpful and friendly support throughout our partnership.

You can always rely on your dedicated Customer Service Manager if you need help or support

We Set Up

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