Hear about how we have helped some of our clients

Adman Civil Projects Ltd 


The Skylark platform enables Adman to provide a faster and more streamlined work order process that increases response time for emergency and ongoing maintenance works.

Adman can now ensure remote teams on the ground always have access to the most up to critical health & safety information and conduct inductions via the onsite mobile app, rather than having to deal with cumbersome paperwork.


Compliance has been improved and time saved can be spent on more productive tasks for project management.

Rengen Power

Rengen Power.png

Skylark has helped Rengen Power to increase visibility, automate processes and mitigate risk for remote wind farm contractors.


With an immediate view of event records or site visits they now have full traceability and improved operational visibility. Site inductions can be issued directly to a contractor’s mobile app allowing them to carry their induction out remotely and compliantly.


Automation will help to future proof operations as they continue to expand their wind farm management business.

Wind Energy Holding

Wind Energy Holding Thailand_edited.jpg

Skylark has enabled Wind Energy Holding to eradicate the administrative burden they were experiencing, bring efficiencies and improve compliance.

Since implementation Wind Energy Holding’s call volume to operational control has been reduced by 98%. This has meant that the team can now focus on their primary role. Operational control has full trackability and can manage site access for contractors with ease.

Site inductions can now be issued directly to a worker’s mobile app allowing them to carry their induction quickly and compliantly. 


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