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Digital Wind O&M Workforce Management

According to the Wind Europe Digitalisation 2021 report “digitisation is the process of converting information from a physical format into a digital one with the use of dedicated technologies” and “workforce management includes all applications that support wind O&M technicians and managers in planning and managing the various O&M activities, permits-to work and personal qualifications.”

Optimise O&M with digital platforms

Wind Europe also state that tasks can be optimised with digital platforms enabling remote working, real time tracking of activities, workforce certification management, critical communications for health and safety, multi-network dispatchers and other applications.

Improved workforce health and safety

They also comment on the benefits of include improved staff well-being and health and safety, standardised real-time scheduling of activities across sites, reduced waiting time between assignments, enhanced routine maintenance and increased predictability.

Digital applications and technologies in wind farm O&M, wind turbine manufacturing and construction and enabling technologies

Source: Wind Europe

How does Skylark’s digital platform support O&M workforce management?

  • Site based personnel use our mobile app 24/7 to complete self-service inductions, check-on and off-site and receive work orders, greatly reducing the administrative time, human error and cost burden associated with repetitive phone calls and manual processes for busy control rooms

  • Automating operational control processes enhances connectivity, tracking and management of remote on-site workers in real time, with faster response times for O&M activities and emergency response

  • Following WTSR (Wind Turbine Safety Rules), workflows have gated built-in safety features, push safety check-ins/weather alerts to provider safer and more compliant systems of work

  • Integration with other asset management systems, improved data accuracy and digital performance reports for complete transparency and faster O&M decision making

“Introducing the system has proved to be an effective and efficient tool in Asset Management’s move towards digitizing our processes, reducing risk, and increasing profitability.“ Alan Edwards, Head of Operations in Ireland for Statkraft

“In the next decade the further digitalisation of wind farm construction, operation and maintenance (O&M) will be a major driver for improving performance and reducing costs and financial risk.”

Wind Europe

Source: Wind energy digitalisation towards 2030 - Cost reduction, better performance, safer operations Report November 2021 -


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