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Wind Energy Holding implements Skylark to reduce administrative burden and mitigate risk

Skylark has announced today that Wind Energy Holding, Thailand has implemented the Skylark platform to reduce their administrative burden of phone calls and manual processes, and provide safer systems of work.

Wind Energy Holding (WEH), a blue-chip company is one of the leading renewable energy providers in Thailand and Southeast Asia. They are pioneers of Thailand’s renewable energy industry building the country’s first and largest onshore wind projects and have one of the most experienced renewable energy teams in the region. WEH have the single largest wind power portfolio in Southeast Asia with 270 turbines and an operational capacity of 717MW.

The main challenges that WEH faced were manual administrative processes and a large volume of daily phone calls received by operational control. Spreadsheets were used for call logs and training documentation wasn’t recorded effectively, so it was difficult to see who was qualified to work or had been inducted. Thai people have longer complex names, so it was also difficult to ascertain if a worker was person A or person B, especially when some go refer to themselves by a nickname.

On average 10-15 contractors or sub-contractor were working daily across the site and it was difficult for operational control to capture all the required information, where people were located and what people are doing. Checking and cross-referencing information was a cumbersome error prone process and there was no way of accessing operational control information with ease due to the manual processes. WEH could not hold contractors accountable due to information gaps or lack of gated site access. This was a stressful scenario for operations control having to deal with a dual role, inefficient processes, and distractions from high call volumes.

Whilst following a European standard for control of works, WEH needed a seamless connected automated system that would streamline operational control and deliver higher levels of compliance. They tendered out to the market to source a suitable solution and Skylark was selected as their preferred supplier.

Since implementation WEH’s call volume to operational control has been reduced by 98%. This has meant that the team can now focus on their primary role. Operational control has full trackability and can manage site access for contractors with ease.

Site inductions can now be issued directly to a worker’s mobile app allowing them to carry their induction quickly and compliantly. Moreover, all critical documentation such as risk assessments and method statements are fully accessible when needed within a single repository in Skylark.

“The challenges we faced with call volumes, logging and checking information in spreadsheets were overwhelming.” said Nattapong Boonnithivorakul, Senior Operations Manager, WEH “Being distracted by time consuming calls, checking, and cross-referencing information is now a thing of the past. Skylark has removed this issue and we can easily manage operational control anywhere, anytime via the mobile app. Team morale has significantly improved as people can do their main job more effectively. Data capture is now accurate, and we are now able to also see trends in the reports that was previously unavailable to us.“

“We had to put an automated system in place that drove efficiencies, compliance and mitigated risk.” said Kelly Dallas, VP Technical, WEH “As the largest player in Thailand and a leader in the southeast Asian market we are setting a benchmark. Managing safety should not be a distraction. By adopting Skylark, we have implemented a system that meets all the requirements of the law, provides full compliance as it manages safety with checks, gated workflows, and access. It provides trackability, traceability and auditability. On-boarding the Skylark platform was very good, and we have seen no rule violations, which means that we are working safely. WEH have future growth plans, so we had to implement a platform that was scalable and would grow with us. I would highly recommend Skylark to company in the wind energy sector.”

Skylark removes the frustration and administrative burden associated with operational control. Wind farm businesses trust Skylark to manage their operational control to be more efficient, optimise productivity and achieve higher levels of compliance when managing large volumes of people onsite. We are delighted to support Wind Energy Holding their future growth across Southeast Asia.” said Karol Harkin, Chief Executive Officer, Skylark Operational Control.

About Skylark Control Ltd

As the demand for renewable energy increases, so does the financial and labour burden on companies to manage their site-based personnel. At Skylark, we provide an automated operational control software platform to enable owners and operators of wind farms to track and manage workers more safely and effectively.

Site-based personnel use our mobile app to complete inductions, check on and off site and receive work orders, greatly reducing the administrative burden on operational control rooms.

Built in safety features mitigate risk and achieve compliance. Our platform is well proven and trusted in the industry as we now manage over 1.3GW of assets and have facilitated over 20,000 site check-ins. A major customer recently confirmed their incoming call volume had dropped to zero. Our customers have reported 100% compliance.


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