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Statkraft Digitises Operational Control

Skylark Control Ltd is delighted to announce today that Statkraft’s Asset Management team has chosen the Skylark platform to digitally transform operational control for their wind farm assets in Ireland, UK, and Sweden.

Statkraft is a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. The Group produces hydropower, wind power, solar power, gas-fired power, and supplies district heating. Statkraft is a global company in energy market operations. Statkraft has 4,600 employees in 18 countries.

In Ireland, Statkraft develops, owns, and operates renewable energy and is at the forefront of producing a diverse range of renewable technologies, including onshore wind, solar, offshore wind, and grid services. It is a leading player in the country, having won the most capacity of any renewable developer in the Government’s most recent renewable energy support auction.

Statkraft’s Asset Management Team introduced Skylark to enable technicians to check-in and check-out of wind turbines. Under a Safe System of Work, access, and egress to all their wind turbines is controlled by an Operational Controller operating from a Central Control Centre in Cork, Ireland.

Their existing access system was a manual interface via phone calls between the Operational Controller in the Control Room. The new system is automated through a phone app and cloud-based data storage.

“As part of our move towards greater efficiencies and digitisation, we identified the Skylark platform as a cloud-based technology that provides an automated interface between technicians and the control room via the Skylark phone app.” said Alan Edwards, Head of Operations in Ireland for Statkraft. “This enables the Control Room to allow technicians real-time access to turbines using the phone app, providing more efficient communication, productivity optimisation and reduced downtime. Introducing the system has proved to be an effective and efficient tool in Asset Management’s move towards digitising our processes, reducing risk, and increasing profitability. “

“We are pleased to support Statkraft Asset Management Ltd as they transition operational control to a digital and automated platform.” said Karol Harkin, CEO, Skylark. “Statkraft’s technicians use our mobile app to complete inductions, check on and off site and receive work orders, greatly reducing the administrative burden on their operational control rooms. Statkraft can now boost their performance by optimising productivity, increasing response time and reducing asset downtime.”

About Skylark Control Ltd

At Skylark, we provide an automated operational control software platform to enable owners and operators of wind farms to track and manage workers more safely and effectively.

Our platform is well proven and trusted in the industry as we now manage over 2GW of assets and have facilitated over 35,000 site check-ins.

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