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Skylark raises investment to support growth of wind energy industry software

Skylark Control Ltd, a renewable energy software provider, has raised seed funding support for business growth in the UK, Ireland, and global markets. Techstart Ventures, along with several angel investors, have supported Skylark with funding of an undisclosed amount.

Wind farm businesses universally struggle with tough landscapes, manual processes, disparate systems, compliance issues and managing large numbers of remote personnel, making operations difficult and expensive.

Skylark overcomes these challenges through its online platform combining a connected cloud-based desktop application for in-office personnel and a mobile app for remote on-site workers to deliver simpler, safer, and more streamlined operational control. Automating work processes and mobilising teams on the ground enhances visibility, eradicates time consuming manual processes, and reduces costly operational inefficiencies.

With over 35 combined years of first-hand industry experience, co-founders David McMullan and Karol Harkin were instrumental in the development of the integrated Skylark platform and will expanding be the team and operations with this new capital.

Skylark CEO, Karol Harkin said “Our operational control software platform enables wind farms to streamline onsite repair and maintenance operations, demonstrate compliance for health and safety legislation, improve team performance and boost business profitability. Investment from Techstart along with local angel investors has helped us to secure new contracts in UK, Ireland, and Asian markets, and will enable us to grow our market share globally in the renewable energy sector. "

Techstart Investment Director, Ryan McAnlis said “Skylark is a game changer for the wind energy industry, allowing these green economy businesses to be more successful and helping them achieve mandatory renewable energy targets. We are delighted to be supporting Skylark in their next stage of growth within this sector.

About Techstart Ventures:

Techstart Ventures LLP is a venture capital fund manager operating in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland, Techstart provides support for early-stage technology businesses and university spinouts through £50m of equity funds, and a £4.5m proof of concept grant fund. As part of its Access to Finance strategy, Invest NI is a Limited Partner in the Northern Ireland equity funds, funder of the proof-of-concept grant fund, and is part-funded by ERDF under the EU Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020.

For further information, contact Skylark:


Pictured above L-R:

Ryan Henderson (Investor), David McMullan (Chief Technical Officer Skylark), Karol Harkin Chief Executive Officer Skylark), Colm McNicholl (Investor) Ryan McAnlis, (Investment Director Techstart)


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