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Rengen Power chooses Skylark to automate processes and mitigate risk for remote windfarm contractors

Skylark has announced today that Rengen Power has chosen the Skylark solution to have greater visibility, eradicate manual processes and enhance health and safety compliance for their wind farm operations management.

Rengen Power is an Irish renewable energy business, passionate about providing non-polluting renewable energy for a more sustainable low carbon future. Delivering tailored solutions across a range of sustainable energy sectors, Rengen Power specialise in energy acquisition, project development and asset management of large and community-based wind, solar and biogas projects. This includes a portfolio of wind farm projects at varying stages of acquisition and development, together with nine operational wind farms under management.

Rengen Power relies on their growing team of specialised professionals, all experts in their respective disciplines. Integrity and doing things the right way is of paramount importance and includes the Safety and Welfare of their people and those they work with as a number one priority.

Some of the challenges Rengen Power faced when delivering wind farm management services is visibility over operational control, legacy inefficient manual processes and managing lone workers.

Previously contractors were either met at the wind farm sites or they would ring or text the office to say they were entering or leaving the wind farm site. These records were kept at the wind farm sites or back at the office where the call was received.

Site inductions were also carried out on site and in person or slides were sent to each individual worker to complete. As a result, company documents were in different locations and not easily accessible. An additional catalyst to this was the advent of COVID where Rengen Power had to think about reducing the requirement to meet in person.

Skylark has helped Rengen Power to unify critical processes, bring efficiencies, enhance security and compliance, all within a single integrated platform that captures a real-time view of operational control.

Site inductions can now be issued directly to a contractor's mobile app allowing them to carry their induction out remotely and compliantly. They can also check-in and check-out via the mobile app, and the push safety notification feature helps to mitigate the potential risks associated with lone working.

"The Skylark platform has brought increased structure and visibility to our wind farm operations management." said Des Regan, Director Operations, Rengen Power. "Initially, when we started managing a portfolio of wind farms, we were using cumbersome manual processes that were an inefficient use of resources. With an immediate view of event records or site visits, we now have full traceability and improved operational visibility. Increased efficiency, improved customer service and enhanced compliance are some of the top benefits. The built-in induction feature provides an audit trail to ensure that contractors are safe and compliant. Skylark also gives us additional visibility and control with the ability to mitigate risk for when contractors are on site alone."

"Protecting lone workers is paramount to their safety. With Skylark built-in push safety notifications for frequent check-ins, adverse weather alerts, and GPS tracking provides real-time visibility for workforce safety." said Karol Harkin, Chief Executive Officer, Skylark Operational Control. "By automating repetitive tasks such as site access/egress monitoring and fundamental site inductions, Rengen Power can now boost productivity and efficiency whilst reducing human error. Automation also will also help future proof operations as they continue to expand their wind farm management business."

About Skylark Control Ltd

Skylark offers a complete wind farm operational control solution. Unifying critical operational control processes, Skylark is a single, integrated cloud-based software platform that promotes maximum safety and efficiency in the running of wind energy facilities.

About Rengen Power

Rengen Power is an Irish renewable energy business, specialising in energy acquisition, project development, and asset management of large and community-based wind, solar, and biogas projects. With an established track record in the industry and members of WEI, Rengen Power is delivery focussed and strives to build a reputation for extracting the maximum energy from an asset as a mainstream source of energy for today, providing the possibility of a healthier, brighter future.


Seamus Lynch - Business Development Director at Rengen Power

Phone: +353 (0) 65 6897979

Mob: +353 (0) 087 2 303 606



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