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Improve Safety with Digital Form Builder

Unifying and connecting critical Wind Farm operational control processes, sites and people is crucial to ensure a compliant and safe working environment.

Skylarks Form Builder allows you to create powerful on-demand custom forms and checklists that employees and contractors can complete with ease.

Health & Safety paperwork can be digitised to document and share safety or work order activities and information.

Achieve Compliance, Mitigate Risk, and Improve Operational Efficiencies

  • Avoid the hassle of paperwork that need to be printed, sent via email or mobile

  • Automate processes to make workloads easier, streamline processes and enhance performance

  • Ensure compliant workflows and integrate with other asset management platforms

  • Protect your remote workforce and company, reduce blind spots

  • Achieve faster response times, save valuable time and money

  • Capture and access real-time data, anywhere, anytime 24/7

  • More powerful wind farm monitoring and reporting capabilities

  • Improve data security with a secure cloud-based platform

  • Global - forms can be easily created in different languages

Example Wind Farm Health & Safety Documents that you can create with Skylark's Forms Builder

· Daily job safety plans

· Daily progress reports

· Dynamic risk assessments

· On the spot toolbox talks

· Developing Approved Written Procedures (AWPs)

· Site inspection reports

· Environmental audits

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