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Exciting New Partnership with Ventus Energy

Ventus Energy and Skylark Control have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to progress the development of a High Voltage (HV) operational control system for the renewables market.

Pictured L-r - Ryan Henderson, Director, Ventus Energy and David McMullan, Director, Skylark
Pictured L-r - Ryan Henderson, Director, Ventus Energy and David McMullan, Director, Skylark

The agreement formalises the collaboration of both parties working towards a unique platform that will bring safety and operational benefits for the wider industry.

The development of the system will use Skylark Control’s established operational control software, creating potential opportunities for synergies across the entire windfarm, from the Nacelle to the Grid connection.

Ryan Henderson, Director at Ventus Energy said “the collaboration between Ventus Energy and Skylark Control is an important step on our journey to deliver unique operational solutions to the market. It aligns with our strategy on bringing new, innovative solutions, whilst at the same time offering our clients the highest standard in HV safety management. We’re delighted that Skylark Control have agreed to develop their platform with our support, so that we can shape solutions together that align with the needs of our clients”

Karol Harkin, Director, and co-founder of Skylark Control said “we are pleased to have the chance to build on our existing platform with new solutions which are designed to bring maximum value. The opportunity to work with Ventus Energy creates the potential for us to bring further value to the renewable industry, by embedding the domain knowledge of HV operational experts straight into our control software. I am confident that this MoU with Ventus Energy has the potential to transform how site operations are delivered, providing greater alignment between electrical and wind turbine safety rules.”

About Skylark Control Ltd

At Skylark, we provide an automated operational control software platform to enable owners and operators of wind farms to track and manage workers more safely and effectively.

Our platform is well proven and trusted in the industry as we now manage over 2GW of assets and have facilitated over 50,000 site check-ins.

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