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Adman selects Skylark to digitise operations and drive automation for specialist contract services

Belfast, Northern Ireland - June, 2021 - Skylark has announced today that Adman has selected Skylark to digitally transform their business operations, mobilise remote teams and provide more accurate information for planning and project management.

Adman Civil Projects Ltd are a specialist civil engineering contractor, operating primarily in the electrical infrastructure and renewable energy sectors. They embrace technology to ensure that they continue to offer the most comprehensive civil engineering and construction solutions available.

To service emergency and maintenance contracts for the Translink framework, the company needed a solution that provided in office teams the ability to send work orders to remote squads operating 24/7 and log the exact times and dates service work was carried out.

Skylark will enable Adman to have a faster and more streamlined work order process that increases response time for emergency and ongoing maintenance works.

Adman can now ensure teams always have access to the most up to date information, at the touch of a button rather than having to deal with cumbersome paperwork, and time saved can be spent on more productive tasks. Critical RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) revisions can be easily uploaded to the app securely and teams notified about amendments immediately.

Workers can complete inductions via the mobile app when teams arrive onsite and receive alerts for monthly re-inductions, which might otherwise be overlooked. Project managers can also now provide accurate service order reports with real time check-in and check-out times for the contract work carried out for their client.

We choose the Skylark platform as it enables us to eliminate paper while providing capabilities such as real time service order management, worker check-ins/check-outs, inductions and the transfer of critical RAMS documentation.” said Adman Project Manager, Ronan McAuley. “We had reviewed other systems, but they were complicated, more expensive and didn’t have all the capabilities we required. The feedback we received from wind farms using the Skylark solution provided us with a high level of confidence that it was the right choice for us. It a simple, convenient, easy to use solution and on-boarding was stress free. For anybody that is struggling with the relay of information it is pretty much key, not only for planning, health and safety compliance but any sort of works with remote squads. “

Skylark is designed to overcome the challenges of wind farm and utilities with a connected cloud-based desktop application for in office personnel and a mobile application for on-site workers. In-office operational control supervisors can manage remote teams with maximum efficiency within a single, integrated platform. On-site personnel can easily access all the information they need on the mobile app to be highly organised, efficient, and safe on the job.

“Digital is transforming industries and the most competitive business are using technology to automate their operations, enhance agility and provide the most up to date information for remote workers,” said David McMullan, Chief Technical Officer, Skylark Operational Control. “Using Skylark, Adman will increase operational efficiency and health and safety compliance, enabling them to deliver projects more safely and cost effectively.”

Adman Customer Success Story
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Skylark offers a complete wind farm and utilities operational control solution. Unifying critical operational control processes, Skylark is a single, integrated cloud-based software platform that promotes maximum safety and efficiency in the running of wind energy and utility facilities.


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